Independent Media responds to Biznews’ attempted hatchet job

Published 28 July 2017, by Staff Reporter

Independent Media has responded to an online article which attacks its executive chairman, Dr Iqbal Survé.

In a statement, the media house said that the author of the article in Biznews, Ed Herbst, continued to try and discredit Survé. “This blatant propaganda is fake news at its best which cannot be taken seriously by any reasonable person,” the statement read.

Herbst’s article refers to the fact that Survé is not mentioned as a doctor who treated Nelson Mandela in Dr Vejay Ramlakan’s controversial book, “Mandela’s Last Years”, despite Survé having served as a doctor to Mandela and other Robben Island prisoners.

The article also revives previous attacks by other detractors on Survé and his ownership of Independent Media.

“Once again BizNews is running a piece, with flagrant disregard for the facts,” the statement read. It condemned the “obsession with Dr Survé and his business interests” and asked why anyone would keep searching for evidence of his relationship with Mandela – the focus of the article – and then try to connect it with an event being arranged by the Daily Maverick (DM).

Herbst’s article says it would be interesting to see if Survé “shows up” at the media event in Cape Town on August 3. However, Survé had earlier declined the invitation due to other commitments and is not participating.

The DM website has been updated and does not list him as a speaker.

Global firm eyes $2bn bid for ANA

Published 25 July 2017, by Business Report
ANA, Africa’s first advanced multimedia and news syndicated service and social media platform, has received a $2bn (R25bn) bid from a technology fund, according to market sources.ANA has representation in more than 40 African countries, London, New York, Mumbai, Shanghai and Moscow; with a global audience of more than 1.3 billion consumers.

“A technology fund has put in an offer for ANA’s business, which exceeds a call option of $2bn; ANA has 60 days to exercise the option”, the source told BR late yesterday.

Market sources indicated that SoftBank Group, a Japanese fund that recently raised $100bn, has its eyes set on ANA. SoftBank is a Japanese multinational telecoms and internet firm and has operations in broadband, fixed-line telecommunications, e-commerce, Internet, technology services, finance, media and marketing.

The other possible buyer was “Facebook, a US-based social media company”, an industry source told BR.

ANA chief executive, Grant Fredericks, didn’t’ confirm or deny the speculation, but told BR that “the market can expect an announcement later this year. I cannot deny that we are in an advance stage with more than one global group interested in buying ANA.”

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Independent Media joins hands with Sanlam Cape Town Marathon

Published 25 July 2017, by Staff Reporter

Independent Media was named an official partner of the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon at the 50-day countdown to the event on Tuesday.

Jermaine Craig, head of Independent Media’s sports division, says the partnership with the Cape Town Marathon is a strategic move to align the media company with this world-class event.

“Running is the most accessible leisure activity and in Cape Town especially, it brings people together in a way that transcends our diverse cultures as the people of this city. This is what we strive to achieve with our longstanding brands as well – our media platforms are essentially bridge-builders and connectors of people,” said Craig.

“We at Independent Media are looking forward to a strong partnership with the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon.

“As the African continent’s only gold-standard marathon, we support the lofty global objectives of staging an event comparable to the best in the world, amongst the likes of the London, Berlin, New York and Tokyo Marathons.

“Even more so, we at Independent have the strong Cape Town and national footprint to support the event’s growth in South Africa’s strong road running community, and to engage, unite and involve all sectors of the Cape Town community behind this fantastic event.”

The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon is on track to host the first IAAF Gold Label city marathon in Africa. The 42.2km road race has made huge strides since it was relaunched in 2014, quickly establishing its place as one of only a select few marathons in the world to achieve IAAF Gold Label status.

Thabied Majal, Sanlam Emerging Markets (SEM) Group Executive: Corporate Affairs and Services, said: “We are proud to sponsor the marathon for the fourth consecutive year. The race is Africa’s only IAAF Gold Label marathon.

“Under this prestigious grading, it places this event, the City of Cape Town and our continent on the global stage alongside famous city marathons such as Boston, New York, Tokyo and London – and with it, gives athletes from Africa the opportunity to compete against the best long-distance runners on home soil.”

Last year’s winners, Britain’s Tish Jones and Ethiopia’s Asefa Mengstu Negewo, have confirmed that they will be back to compete.

Negewo broke the record for the fastest performance for a standard marathon on South African soil in last year’s race.

The route this year has been slightly modified to make it even faster by eliminating several turns, thereby giving both local and international athletes the chance to chase record times.

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